St. George’s Island One of the best dive sites in Cyprus and suitable for divers of all levels with visibility usually ranging between 20-40m and a maximum depth of 40m there is something for everyone at St. Georges Island. On the West of the Island look out for the brightly coloured nudibranchs lingering at the […]


Aquatic Dive Centre Paphos

Amphitheatre One of the most popular dive sites in Paphos due to the unique natural rock formations cut out by sea currents giving the appearance of an amphitheatre. With a shore entry and depths varying from 8m-22m with the most interesting points of interest around 9m, the Amphitheatre is a great dive site for newly […]

Cape Greco

Aquatic Dive Centre - Cape Greco dive

Caves Situated in the National Park of Cape Greco the ‘Caves’ is one of the best dive sites in Cyprus. Numerous swim-throughs and caverns, crystal clear waters and beautiful rock formations are some of the highlighting features of the Caves. With a maximum depth of 13m, this a perfect dive site for Open Water Divers […]


Aquatic PADI Dive Centre -wreak dives

MS Zenobia Wreck Name: ZenobiaLocation: Larnaca [1.5km from shore]Depth: 42mSank: 7th June 1980Level: Open Water Diver +Temperature: 16c [Winter] to 27c [Summer]Visibility: 10m – 40m At 10,000 tonnes, 172m long and 28m wide; the World famous ‘MS Zenobia Wreck’ now lies on her portside at 42m on a bed of sand and rocks just 10minutes […]


Aquatic Dive Centre Rambos-Reef

Lady Thetis Wreck Name: Lady ThetisLocation: LimassolDepth: 19mSank: 22nd February 2014Level: Open Water Diver +Temperature: 16c [Winter] to 27c [Summer]Visibility: 8m – 15m Perfectly located from our dive centre; just a short and sweet 10-minute boat ride away are the wrecks of Limassol. The Lady Thetis wreck is an excellent site for Open Water divers […]