Dives Larnaca

Larnaca Dive Sites

Larnaca is perfectly situated for divers coming in with two world famous dive locations. All the amenities of a city with it’s wonderful promenade, tavernas and night life.


Dive Site: “HMS Cricket” Wreck Dive
Location: Larnaka Coast Cyprus
Depth: 33m
Visibility: 10m to 25m
Level: Advanced

  • Built by Barclay Curle in 1915, HMS Cricket Wreck Cyprus, was one of ten Insect Class (Large China) Gunboats constructed during the First World War to counter Austro-Hungarian monitors on the River Danube.
  • Due to be scrapped in 1939 but after surviving the second world war, she was used as target practice by the RAF until she sank in 1947 due to bad weather.
  • HMS Cricket British gunboat wreck lies inverted with the bows pointing west offshore Southern Cyprus in Larnaca between 29 – 32 metres.
    645 tons; 72.5 m long; 11 m wide; 1.2 m draft

Zenobia Wreck

Dive Site: “HMS Zenobia” Wreck Dive
Location: Larnaka Coast (1.5km from shore)
Depth: 42m
Visibility: 10m to 40m
Water Temperature: 16C (Winter) to 27C (Summer)
Level: Advanced
172m long, 10,000 tonnes, 28m wide, 13m draught

  • The Zenobia, a Swedish roll-on-roll-off ferry; sunk on her maiden voyage off Larnaka’s fishing harbour in June 1980 due to a ballast problem.
  • Ranks as one of the top 10 wreck dives in the world.
  • Sunk on her maiden voyage in June 1980 due to a ballast and software error.
  • 102 articulated lorries, cars, military equipment, games, food and telecommunication systems were all on board and can be seen scattered through the cargo decks and surrounding area.
  • She now lies on her portside on a flat bed of sand and rocks between 16-42m deep.