Dives Limassol


A favourite amongst tourist, Limassol is known for it’s lovely promenade, multi-cultured and vibrant population and excellent night life and restaurant scene.


Maximum Depth: 12m

Located on the Akrotiri Peninsula, Sharks Cove benefits from the crystal-clear visibility famed by Akrotiri, usually 25m+ and reaching a maximum depth of 12m this site is perfect for Open Water divers.

The route for Sharks Cove will take you through a submerged tunnel and along the beautiful cliff face and rocky reef.

The usual marine life found are sea bream, sea bass and underwater slugs but keep an eye out for the morays and octopus hiding in the cracks and crevices!

Cyclops is a very versatile dive site catering to all level certified divers. Depth is between 10m to 40m onwards and usually divers can enjoy visibility upwards of 20m.

Marine Life: moray eels, small groupers, lion fish, nudi branch, trumpet fish, tube worms, puffer fish, octopus.


Maximum Depth: 19m

Location: Limassol
Level: Open Water
Sank: 22nd February 2014

Originally a cruising ship made in Germany the Lady Thetis was sank purposely as an artificial reef in February 2014 and rests on the seabed at 19m making it a perfect site to explore for Open Water divers and above. The wreck has many penetrable points with lots of openings and exit holes filled with visible light from the surface where you can see the captains bridge and swim through the engine room.

Large shoals of bream and cuttlefish can be seen along with groupers, moreys and nudi branches.


Maximum Depth: 23m

Location: Limassol
Depth: 23m
Level: Advanced
Sank: 22nd February 2014

Costandis was built in 1989 in USSR and was a fishing vessel that operated as a bottom trawler.

Sunk as part of an artificial reef project she lies on the seabed at 23m in depth.

At 23m in length and 9m across she provides an exciting wreck dive where you can penetrate its open engine room and see all the fishing equipment still in its place


Maximum Depth: 24m

Structures is a dive site located between Lady Thetis and Costandis Wrecks in Limassol.

With maximum depth of 24m this is a good dive site for advanced divers looking to dive something a little different from the wrecks.

You can find an abundance of marine life such as groupers, lion fish, moreys eels etc in between the variety of different structures and rock formations to discover. Visibility is usually between 10-25m.


Maximum Depth: 17-40m

The largest natural reef in Cyprus at 2km long stretching west to east along the Pissouri coastline, this breath-taking site ranges from 17 to 40m in depth, being the ideal site for the more advanced diver with lots of different areas to discover.

Features of the site include the natural Jubilee Arch boasting a variety of beautiful colours, the B2 Canberra Wing which crashed in 1970 and complex cave systems and large caverns to explore which have been worn underwater into the cliff face.

Marine life: shoals of amberjack, moray eels, groupers, crayfish, damsel fish, coloured wrasse and many more species.


Maximum Depth: 10m

Akrotiri fish reserve is a beautiful dive site with usually around 25m+ visibility and maximum depth around 10m.

Suitable for Open Water divers and above this dive site offers an array of wrecks such as a helicopter, fire engine, canon and more where you can spot morey eels, groupers, octopus, sea bream and brass.

Sandy bottoms interchanged with sea grass offers the opportunity to spot turtles and if you are lucky on the boat ride over a pod of dolphins!