Minimum of 2 People

Advanced Open Water Course [on the Zenobia] €390

Make your Advanced Open Water Course an unforgettable experience by finishing your course with your last two adventure dives on the famous Zenobia Shipwreck!

Open Water Course + 2 Specialities €570

[Nitrox and Peak Performance Buoyancy]
OWC followed by two speciality courses. Perfect your buoyancy during the two dives of your PPB speciality and learn about diving with Enriched Air Nitrox (each speciality course is one day).

Open Water Course + Nitrox [theory only] €500

Learn the theory behind Enriched Air Nitrox and become certified to dive with mixtures up to 32% [option to upgrade to full Nitrox certification including 2 dives and allowing to dive mixtures up to 40%].

Open Water Couse + Peak Performance Buoyancy €480

Perfect your buoyancy after finishing your OWC by following on with our one-day Peak Performance Buoyancy speciality aimed at teaching you correct weighting, obtaining proper trim and develop your ability to hover motionless in any position.

Open Water Course + Advanced Open Water Course €655

PADI Open Water course followed by our Advanced Open Water course consisting of 5 adventure dives; Deep, Wreck, Navigation, Peak Performance Buoyancy and choose between Fish Identification or end your course with a night dive.

Open Water Course + Full Set of Soft Gear €690

Choose our equipment package special where you will own your own full set of Scubapro soft gear including a 5mm wetsuit, booties, fins, mask & snorkel so you can partake in your course in your very own equipment for maximum comfort.
Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water Course & 2x Fun Dives on the Zenobia

Shipwreck €750

Put your newly acquired skills to good use taking advantage of our 7day package consisting of your Open Water and Advanced Course finishing with 2 fun dives after your certification on the famous Zenobia Shipwreck.