Latchi Dives

St. George’s Island

One of the best dive sites in Cyprus and suitable for divers of all levels with visibility usually ranging between 20-40m and a maximum depth of 40m there is something for everyone at St. Georges Island.

On the West of the Island look out for the brightly coloured nudibranchs lingering at the bottom of the wall and octopus, moray eels and peacock fish lurking in the crevices. Towards the South East side of the island you can find tunnels and swim throughs to meander through along with a variety of marine life such as squid, bream, tuna, groupers, cornet fish and barracuda which are mostly found in the 10-15m range.
For advanced divers with deep speciality there is 16th century anchors sitting on the seabed at 42m.

If you have not yet attained your deep diver speciality then this site is perfect place to do so!

St. George’s Reef

Perfect for Open Water divers with a maximum depth of 10m and filled with shallow swim throughs, small canyons and the remains of a 12-year-old sunken 38ft yacht! Home to groupers and crabs, you will find many things of interest on St. Georges Reef!